denticity: ((bleach) kira - blood)

a cannibal, baby

i am just practising saying goodbye to you

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Name:mr cul-de-sac, perhaps
Location:New Zealand

writing @ ao3 / livejournal /
i am over eighteen.

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a a milne, aeneas, bleach, coattails, dionysus, domestic violence otp, drapery, edgar allan poe, fakir, i read everything, jesusjaquez, junichi suwabe, kain akatsuki's arms, kira izuru, kuroshitsuji, literacy, mephistopheles/faust, monty python, morrissey, pirates, princess tutu, scientists, shinji's teeth, the crucible, the undertaker, tigger, ulquiorra cifer's upper lip, vampire knight, walking into doors, wild-senpai, world domination, writing rather badly
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